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INTEKON Corporation
Every organization manages information technology in different ways. And most INTEKON customers have non-stop production systems. As a result, we provide flexible support options for INTEKON software components and for continuous availability of INTEKON integrated systems.

INTEKON Software Product Support
INTEKON Software Product Support and Update service provides life cycle services for INTEKON software including:
  • Telephone/Internet consultation on how to use INTEKON software
  • Diagnosis and repair of software product problems
  • Software update service including new features, updated computer environment support, and product code fixes
  • Emergency support service for software problems during non-business hours (24x7)
Integrated Systems Services (ISS)
Although INTEKON software is the core component of installed systems, a variety of hardware and software products make up the integrated environment, where many systems supply data to and receive data from the INTEKON system. Our on-call Integrated System Services (ISS) answer a variety of user support needs that arise from the overall environment. ISS services include:
  • Maintenance and monitoring of operating system, database, and other components of the integrated system
  • Troubleshooting integrated system problems not related to INTEKON
  • System performance analysis and tuning
  • Installation of new and updated software products and custom code
  • Diagnosis and repair of custom software problems
  • Assistance with data backup and recovery
  • System analysis and specifications for new applications and interfaces
INTEKON Startup Technical Services
In addition to the support system discussed above, we offer comprehensive technical services to assist with any installation. These services include Process Data Model Analysis, Customer Education, Software Specification Development, and Implementation Project Management and Consulting.