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INTEKON: The Integrated Performance Management System

INTEKON is a software system that provides the missing link between enterprise business systems and the distributed applications that make up production based businesses. INTEKON provides the platform for:
  • modeling the production entities and flows
  • defining, capturing, and deriving key measurement data
  • connecting systems to minimize error and improve data quality
  • visualizing real time and historical data in context for performance management
No matter how complicated or widely distributed your production process, INTEKON provides you the software to organize, integrate, and visualize the data you need to make it better.
INTEKON addresses the "Islands of Information" problem, the biggest challenge for traditional approaches to performance information systems and the necessary computer application integration. For example, shop floor systems collect high speed, voluminous information about machine and product conditions but usually have nothing on-board about a customers' order or product specifications. In the accounting office, the CFO works with a total cost of a material for a month, but has no information about how much of the material went into each SKU. Although the island systems are connected by data communication networks, there is no logical connection among the computer applications. As a result, there is a lack of timeliness, accuracy, and consistency.
INTEKON organizes the diverse data elements into a unique database structure, containing product data entities and measurements, production results entities and measurements, and production/lot genealogy from raw material through customer/order elements. The data structures are optimized for real time updates, interactive queries, and long term archive. The result is a consistent "system of record" for all organizational constituents to share.
Because the INTEKON system gathers data from many sources, the "hub and spoke" architecture requires integration standards and tools for cost-effective real time transaction integration and long-term system maintainability.
For interface with enterprise applications and file-based data exchanges, INTEKON provides both a messaging application program interface (API) and the standalone INTEKON/Dataport data acquisition subsystem.
Data follows Product
INTEKON's intelligent message processing server provides tools to logically integrate multiple INTEKON locations. With its rule based message processing, INTEKON can transfer data from plant to plant, and from system to system, based on the characteristics in the data packet. As a result, data can flow automatically along the path of the product.
INTEKON includes a comprehensive set of software tools to address the spectrum of application data integration requirements.
With a composite and consistent database, the potential to identify exceptions, to see cause and effect relationships, and to monitor trends over time are a breeze. INTEKON has the tools to transform and visualize performance measurements in the context of target and tolerance limits.
INTEKON's unique equation syntax, calculation engine and statistics provide real time analysis of performance measurements not previously possible. INTEKON automatically aggregates data at multiple information levels, including accounting period accumulations. Real time displays present the data color-coded according to importance, based on configured target, warning, and alarm levels. Quality and conformance are documented as a by-product of the integrated system.
With INTEKON, production results are viewed with ease and clarity, and become a resource for problem solving, process improvement, customer communication, and compliance needs.