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Our Customers
Our Customers

INTEKON software has been applied across a variety of production industries. Customers' applications typically address both operational (workflow, production processing) and strategic (decision support, enterprise integration) objectives, including:
  • Integration of Production and Enterprise Systems
  • Integrated Quality and Compliance Management
  • Real Time Cost / Real Time Profit Analysis
Most customers have implemented INTEKON systems at multiple manufacturing sites, using a cost-effective configuration-driven software implementation approach.

Is INTEKON software a solution for you?

INTEKON will be a great technology investment for any enterprise that:
  • Relates end-customer experience to measurements of products and processes
  • Distributes manufacturing processes geographically, and moves products and data among sites during processing
  • Manages cost and quality at each processing step, in real time
  • Produces many products according to exacting specifications for multiple customers
  • Strives for continuous improvement of its products and production processes